Timeka Anderson

Team Member

When you’re in need of a committed and driven professional to assist you in fulfilling your dream of owning a home or selling your property, look no further. As a REALTOR® (licensed in Maryland and D.C.), I have developed a reputation whose professionalism and reliability create a significant experience.
I actively invest in real estate and understand the challenges that come along with negotiating and closing transactions. To that end, I will overcome complex situations and ensure a stress-free process.
Not only are my strategies distinct, they have been shaped by my 20 years of experience in Property Management. This led to my desire to become a Realtor. Not only am I passionate, but I have a vast knowledge of the industry.
Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, seller, or investor, you will be impressed by my keenness and accuracy. I will listen to your needs and turn your dreams into a reality. I find great satisfaction in creating an impact on people’s lives. It’s not just about business, I believe in creating long-lasting relationships.
I’m a smart, loyal, and trustworthy agent who will tirelessly advocate for you. I will connect you with my network of trusted professionals who will have your best interest at heart.
Together, we will ensure that you achieve your goal and financial constraints are not in the way.